About recovering from depression and suicide.

“My brain, my rules”

My writings here are an attempt to put depression in a manageable perspective for depressives and non-depressives. I am not writing as a mental health professional, I am strictly an amateur at being mentally healthy. I have put some research into the subject, but, honestly, most of what I write are my observations. Observations are tricky things composed of perceptions and impressions. They are not facts, they are not objective, but subjective.

If my writing touches your soul, I am content. If it helps you to reach out to another person, I am happy. If it helps you help someone else rediscover the joy of life, I am joyous. If it helps you to come back from the edge of The Pit, or better yet to come back out of The Pit, it is more than I hope for and please, pass it on, use what we have done to help another and you will have repaid me beyond my wildest dreams.

NOTE ABOUT COMMENTS: I have received a few comments from people who may not want them posted; I respect that and will ask permission when I deem it advisable. Just because I’m “out of the loony closet” does not mean you should be.

Everything on my blogs is copyright Gor Rivenshield, use by express permission only.


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