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Political Rant, #2

Ten years. Ten years of unrelenting fear. Yes, fear and loss of liberty. The thing is al-Qaeda did not take it away from us, we surrendered to fear and gave up our liberty when we allowed our legislators to vote in the soi-disant ‘Patriot Act’.

Patriot Act. What a crock of feces. I suppose I should believe that anything that makes a mockery of the phrases “land of the free and the brave” or “pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness” is a patriotic thing. Right, patriotic.

I was born just before the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, and raised during some of the worst of the Cold War. I remember bomb drills as well as fire drills. Get under the desk, hug your legs, and kiss your ass goodbye. I have no problem with believing that we will be attacked again and again on our own soil.

History shows that the quickest way for a population to be attacked is for them to develop a fortress mentality. When you put up walls you create a challenge. When you demonstrate that you are afraid of attack, you demonstrate weakness of will and lack of confidence. You essentially show your opponent where you are vulnerable and invite attack.

In light of this the “Patriot Act” becomes an insane act. It sets up and defines our weakness, a population afraid of defending itself and willing to allow its freedom to be abrogated, even removed in hopes of becoming safe. This is the very process that Europe followed in the Middle Ages with the Feudal System.

Now, however, we don’t have a hereditary system, we have an oligarchic system. Money not only talks, it takes over. Free-market capitalism, once a viable and active stimulus on our culture (and yes, I do recognize the ills it had), is now returned to its Robber-Baron mode of the mid-1800s – early 1900s and fueling political and legislative changes in order to preserve its power. In the process, we are allowing the slow development of a fascist state in the name of national security, much as Germany in the 1930s did.

This is not the ‘wolf-crying’ of movies or novels, this is a process that is happening right before our eyes and by both our actions and inactions. When we say you can’t fight city hall, when we shrug our shoulders and say what can I do, when we think we are powerless, that is when we allow our freedom to be taken. When we say we have to be protected, instead of protecting ourselves; when we delegate our self-responsibility to another, instead of standing up for ourselves; when we allow fear to dictate our actions, instead of courage; we become slaves within our gilded cages.

In these United States of America, we have done these things and continue to do them. We trade our essential liberty for elusive security and are become the land of the chained and home of the cowardly.

So, wherein is sanity, bravery, and freedom?


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