About recovering from depression and suicide.

flash update, update

OK, I pulled down yesterday’s “flash update”, so if anyone read it, well, let’s just say that in some senses I was right and in others I was wrong, way wrong.

It seems her nastygram was her way of starting a dialogue so she could inform me that she has remarried.  I have a lot to say on that subject and such, but this is not the forum for it.

Does this feed the depression?  Of course it does.  Especially since she chose the day before the first anniversary of our divorce to send a nastygram and provoke a response.  It felt like being married to her all over again, without any of the dubious benefits.

I write this knowing she or her new husband may read it.  Knowing that she still cares enough that she just had to, had to send a nastygram when she could have just left things alone, or send a letter via my sister, as I have constantly requested..  Through the depression I can see how sad, how pathetic, how desperate that was.

So, I give them this gift.  May they get everything they truly deserve, no matter what it is, no matter what I may think it is.


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